The Black Butterfly

It camesurrounded by night.My mother was asleep,smiling serene,inside a beautiful box.And it was quiet,so quiet thatI wantedto screamforever. The house was alreadyfull of people.We were gliding around her,boiling planets around a silent star,igniting more candles,more light bulbs,more prayers. The butterfly stoppedon the northern wall,directly […]

New Horizons

Words –printed,or filling a screen. Theyare onlybellsswayinghesitantlyin long callsthat shakethe clouds. Betterlift your gazeaway from this textand let your wingsspread highuntil they touch the sky. (c) Marian C. Ghilea, 2021-2022artwork by Marian C. Ghilea

Two Bells

Two Bells Time never drains.Always restless,it pours into entropy,filling eonswith whispers. The first bell tolls,and everythingbegins to take shape. The second bell tolls,and the Universe is already too old,an ancient child gazing aheadtowards the incoming end,cloudy ripplesof dreamsfilling whisperswith eons. Două clopote Timpul nu […]