Clouds Transient sculpturesof light and shadow,they drift without haste,carrying rains and dreamsto other horizons. When I watchtheir flowing shapes,my thoughts become birds,gliding highin whispers of water. They dissolvein veiled embracesthat hide the Sun and the stars,while my suspended breathis expanding,reaching outfor you. Nori Sculpturi […]

Smile at Sunset

It floatsbeneath the sky,whispered songpainting heavenswith golden dreams. Dancing in shadows,it shatters worriesin the serene embraceof the mist,fleeting moment of hopebefore the nighttakes over. Now,I can stand up againand carry my burdenof sweat and hardshipfor another day.


A deep voice radiating strength and confidence broke the silence: “Perhaps you should let me handle the situation?” The moment the man spoke, the paralysis went away. Kolin finally could turn around. He found himself facing a tall, muscular fellow, wearing a light-blue shirt […]


Shaking awakefrom silver threads of dreams,morning poursover mountains. Tired musclesplay once morea solar symphonyof sweat and toil. Soon, all the haywill rest inside,green treasurestored in silencefor winter’s cold. In golden whispers,it will lie, waitingto quench the hungerof gentle cows. Held in the Sun’s tight […]


Wisdom Wisdom is an ethereal treasurenever confined,always lingeringbehind leaves and sunsets,an iron infant guarded by starsduring cold nights. In its depth hides a studentwho has experienced the dawn of the worldand reads all the songs,and sings all the books,and prays to the grass and […]

The White Tide

It risesin spirals of grasstwice a day,usuallyat the same hours. The hoofed bellsfrom the mountainsshatter the night’s edge,sending the milk flowinto circular songs. When you look atthe rows of labeled boxes,remember the starswrapped in prayers,the dreamswrapped in moonlight,the cows,and the tide.