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  1. Lovely photo! Kinda reminds me of my last trip to Frankfurt and Hamburg. Similar emotions evoked in the chill of the night. Mostly this part:

    heartbeats marking the seconds“`

    Ah yes, I quite remember that. I can still remember myself, crossing the Jungfernbrücke and saying to myself “I can do this, I got this”. Then getting lost in the cobblestone streets, wandering with a certain direction, the direction of all the days that have gone, and spoken into my ears…

    Great days were those, not really faraway, 2018, 2019 maybe? Can’t remember already. The pandemic made it all seem so long lost.

    Great post. Thank you!

    1. Dear Northernsoul, thank you very much for another kind comment! I wanted to check your blog, but it seems you don’t have one connected to this username. For me, the visit there dates from a decade ago. Perhaps someday I’ll come back.


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