A deep voice radiating strength and confidence broke in:“Perhaps you should let me handle this?”The moment the man spoke, the paralysis went away. Kolin finally could turn around. He found himself facing a tall, muscular fellow. The man, perhaps in his early thirties, produced […]


The pleasant rays of the autumnal Sun are sieving in through a circular window from above. They look like drops from a delicate celestial waterfall, filling the room with golden light. Prints of buildings, landscapes, or portraits, all placed neatly in thin frames, cover […]

Silent Twilight

My dreams,rivers of ice,carry me,tireless,along moon shadows. They pull me outof night and day,and I wake upin silent twilight. It’s quietas in timesbefore Creation,before you and mebecame together. I fill my lungswith the nascent dawnmy breath,your breath,whispering prayersfor a new,peacefulsunrise. text & artwork by […]